At Cross Up, we are determined to help achieve your financial goals. We are flexible with our service delivery options and provide service levels in each contract. While our expertise has a concentration in Telecommunications, we are Data Management Experts. Big Data is a catchy phrase in today’s market. Our services are geared to fill in the gaps that allow Data Scientists the ability to utilize 100% of your organization’s information.

  • Telecom Expense Management- We provide Contingency Based Telecom Audit Services.
  • Telecom Physical Audit & Site Surveys- As stand-alone or complimentary service, we perform On-Site Physical Inventory of all Telecom Equipment.
  • Telecom Sourcing- We perform RFP/RFI services for all Telecom Products and Services.
  • Data Mining/Data Streaming- We help centralize and organize your data flow in new Database Repositories through Data Translation Services (Mining Databases, Normalizing Spreadsheets, Manually Entering data from paper).
  • Financial Services- We provide recurring Financial Management Services that include invoice receipt and processing to AP/AR.
  • System Implementation Support- Provide one-time implementation support for new or migrating systems.
  • Project Based Tasks- We can adapt to your environment performing all types of one-time and recurring projects. We look to automate and do not shy away from manual intensive data projects. Our services can be performed on-site. We are flexible with our rate models and can deliver results on contingency.

We look forward to finding a way to help you achieve your goals. We make every effort to ensure the sales process is easy. Before any meeting, we research your organization’s website to better understand your environment and goals. We will look to set up a brief 1/2 hour call to ask questions about your People, Tools, and Methods. We follow up with a face to face or virtual hour presentation on our services and how they differ with other alternatives. We believe with a couple hours of your time we can create a compelling reason for you to choose Cross Up.


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