Cross Up was founded in 2015 by Scott Johnson, Michael Robinson, and Joe Negash. We are an entrepreneurial company. Our premise is to create a Washington DC-based Data and Telecom Consulting firm creating long-term staffing support by aligning with your organization’s goals and objectives. We also offer paid internships for students in High school and in college and give back to the community through part-time volunteering with NVJCYO along with other Catholic Charities. We are located in Arlington, Va.

Our Story

Cross up was founded in 2015 but the story began back in 2007. Scott Johnson was the head basketball coach for the St.Charles Borromeo Catholic boys basketball team. Scott had a group of kids who had never been together on a team before and were new to the concept of working together. As 4th graders, the team worked each week together over summers and the offseason forging a chemistry with a strong foundation. The group had to work through many challenges and conflicts but they were able to adapt to each other, winning 7 trophies including tournaments along with both division and sportsmanship awards from 4th through 8th grade

Scott not only mentored the team in basketball but also in life lessons. The group of kids and Scott have grown together and are close like a family. We have grown up together and treat each other as brothers. This group of young men are now working together perfectly for Cross Up. Now that these kids have grown into young men, they want the same thing to happen for other kids in the Arlington/Northern Va area. We want kids to form a bond like we did and be able to stay together as friends essentially for their whole life.

This is our mission: To capitalize on team chemistry from early youth in order to create an organization that puts clients first while replicating the mentoring model in our community.


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